UW faculty wary of Legislature policing classrooms

Amid lawmaker scrutiny of the University of Wyoming’s curricula, and talk of more legislative involvement in its operations, faculty leaders

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

The quiet leadership of Ra’el Trosper

It’s a cloudy afternoon in May, the fields are vibrant green and ringing with Meadowlark song, and in Fort Washakie,

Hannah Neal Hannah Neal

Court rulings threaten to hasten Wyo coal’s demise

A federal judge in Montana issued two separate decisions this month that threaten the future of federal coal leasing in

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

Climate data on top of the world: CWC students trek to Everest

The alpinist team Full Circle made international headlines when it became the first all-Black expedition to summit Mount Everest in

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

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Who does the state of Wyoming consider a poacher?

Along the eastern foothills of Wyoming’s Absaroka Mountains, halfway between Crowheart and

Gov. Gordon certifies Wyoming’s abortion ban

Update: A lawsuit seeking to halt Wyoming’s pending abortion ban was filed

In discrimination clash, Lander LGBTQ students demand accountability

A line snaked out the door of the Fremont County School District

Rails and skies

As a locomotive engineer for more than a quarter-century, Alan Nash has

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Who does the state of Wyoming consider a poacher?

Along the eastern foothills of Wyoming’s Absaroka Mountains, halfway between Crowheart and Dubois, a weathered

Dana Owens Dana Owens

Permit eyes tons of oilfield pollutants for Boysen, Wind River

This is the first in a series of 10 stories recognized by judges in the

Hannah Neal Hannah Neal

PacifiCorp seeks $26M rate increase citing extreme weather

Blistering heat waves across the West helped spike wholesale electric power prices in 2021 as

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

Camping free-for-all? Strategies emerge to manage forest crowds

Randy Pickett was hiking along a creek bottom during a recent camping trip in the

Dana Owens Dana Owens

Conservationists bash Bighorn Forest plan to kill sagebrush, larkspur

The Bighorn Audubon Society and Audubon Rockies have filed an objection to a Bighorn National

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

Former Wyoming Catholic College CFO charged in massive fraud

Federal prosecutors have charged the former chief financial officer for the Lander-based Wyoming Catholic College

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

Wyo GOP chairman quietly assumed power as party fractured

W. Frank Eathorne says two of the most important moments in his life occurred when

Hannah Neal Hannah Neal

DIY relief effort delivers for Wind River

MyKennah Lott — who goes by Littlewind — and her partner, Mesiah Sweetgrass, are caregivers

Hannah Neal Hannah Neal

Crash landing

Wyoming’s summer rodeo season is in full swing, which means both lariats and mud-splattered cowboys

Dana Owens Dana Owens

Leaders confident Native community can reorder status quo

— This is the fifth and final story in a series of stories examining childhood health

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

And then there were six: Superintendent race heats up

This year’s primary for superintendent of public instruction, one of five statewide elected positions in

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe

State board certifies Wyoming’s primary elections results

Despite some unexpected hurdles, including a polling-place power outage and flooding, the 2022 primary election

Kenneth Wolfe Kenneth Wolfe